pursue your passion

Joe pursues his passion for ski touring. What takes you higher?

skitour for beginners

The skitour on the Hirschberg in the bavarian alps is an easy one. With the right track the avalanche risk is low. So the…

kitschy or stylish?

Sometimes the scenery is so typical to take such photos. Do you rather like kitschy or stylish pictures of mountain tours?

mountain atmosphere

Do you know the mountain atmosphere, the special feeling of standing on the summit after a sweaty and adventurous tour?

own steps in snow

For a little adventure in spring, we make our own steps in the snow. What let your tour feels like an adventure or what’s…

spring panorama

The spring panorama is one of the greatest: powdererd suggar mountains and green valleys. Which panorama is your favorite?

Gardian of Allgäu in Spring

In spring, when the crocuses are blooming, the tour on the Grünten over the normal way of Kranzegg is a feast for the eyes….

see yourself

See yourself… what do you think?

Walking on Sunshine

Nina was walking on sunshine on her way to the stuiben, a summit of the mountain chain Nagelfluh.

towards the sun

Hiking towards the sun with blue sky and best view on our way to the Suiben summit on the Nagelfluhkette. Evening atmosphere is something…