climbing towards the sun

Do you remember the moment climbing towards the sun and the first ray of sunshine touches your slightly frozen face? Indescribably!

Virgin snow

Virgin snow gives the feeling of treading a mountain the first time and it increases the three-dimensionality of the surrounding mountain view.

perfect conditions

We had perfect conditions on our Breitenberg tour. A very much welcome contrast to the unpleasant weather of the days before and a good…

Pure sunshine on tour

Pure sun on the tour on the summit of the Breitenberg. Up there you have a great view on the Gaishorn, Nebelhorn and the…

The Mystical Forest

This throne was just waiting for me 8) But why are so many of them in the forest? #mountaineering #leonhardstein #hiking #mountainlove #kreuth #hiking…

good choise

The ridge of Burgberger Hörnle is always a good choise.



A perfect view

A perfect view on a perfect day from Burgberger Hörnle