snow makes happy

Snow always makes me happy – Greetings from the winter wonderland.

Summit of Bscheißer

From the top of the Bscheißer normally you have a fantastic view to the Nebelhorn and the Tannheimer Tal. If you are physiclly fit,…

highest point

You see the seemingly highest point of the mountain. But when you arrive there, it goes even further. Do you know this situation?

sun came out

After the wind blew relentlessly and the cold let the breath freeze, the sun came out – a unique tour!

dramaturgy of the scenery

On such unpleasant days, the dramaturgy of the scenery shows the beauty of the mountains.

mountain moments

The beauty of mountain moments doesn’t depend on its lasting forever.

powdered sugar mountains

Powdered sugar mountains are our favorite winter sweets. You can’t imaging it was very windy and biting cold.

Go out!

It’s weekend. Go out! But take care of yourselves and consider the high avalanche risk!

Trail into Weekend

What’s at the end of a 10 km beautiful trail workout into the weekend? – 18 km and a happy Joe! 🙂

Grünten Training

The Grünten (1737 m) in the Allgäuer Alps is a very good training mountain at all times.