Buggykiten und Romantik?

Buggykiten gibt es auch in romantisch. Bei einem Kite-Urlaub mit Freunden in den Niederlanden am Stand von IJmuiden haben wir uns kennengelernt und ineinander…

gym for your whole body

For kiters the morning walk to the beach in perfect conditions with all the kiting equipment is a similar feeling as the preparation of…

power of strong winds

Beside the mountains we love the power of strong winds. Imaging, you are sitting in a buggy with 3 bigfoot wheels 5 cm over…

exited for the sunny weekend

With the view of the #Wetterstein Gebirge with #Zugspitze and #Alpspitze we are exited for the sunny weekend. ℹ️ For more pictures and infos…

lunch on mountain tours

What is your lunch on mountain tours? We eat homemade bread with salad, cucumber, tomato and delicious cheese and for dessert a sweet snack….

spirit for adventure

Everytime Joe stands in the midst of rocks and steep slopes, like here on the Fockenstein at the Tegernsee, his spirit for adventures increases…

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Feeding an elk in Bavaria

Feeding an elk in Bavaria is a very rare luck. So be well prepared when an opportunty comes along. Follow us and like this…